Home Political “Trump Is F-ed:” A Day Full Of Damaging Evidence At Hush Money Trial

“Trump Is F-ed:” A Day Full Of Damaging Evidence At Hush Money Trial

“Trump Is F-ed:” A Day Full Of Damaging Evidence At Hush Money Trial


Witnesses have offered testimony that Trump was trying to hide damaging information from voters and committed crimes to cover up his scheme.

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Here is the document that was introduced about the Access Hollywood tape breaking:

Texts from Davidson also introduced evidence that revealed that AMI would not run any stories that would hurt Trump’s campaign.

Nicolle Wallace read some of the evidence that went to Trump’s motive:

It was spoken. It was about ambassadorships now who gives ambassadorships only one human being on planet Earth gives American ambassadorships, and that the American President, let me read you this. This is from a text message from, from Dylan quote, we’re going to lay it on thick for her Karen McDougal. At this point, Karen was teetering between two competing deals and we had requested a meeting where each entity can make a pitch as to why they were the correct avenue for Karen. How did you respond? Good. Throw in an ambassadorship for me. I’m thinking Isle of Man.

Prosecutor asked what that meant. Quote. I was making a joke. I don’t think the isle of man is even a country or that they have an ambassador. It was a reference to Trump’s candidacy. What did you mean by that question answer from Keith Davidson, quote, this would help his candidacy question from the prosecutor. Is it safe to assume that your joke from your joke? Prosecutor: That it was your belief that if you were this close to a deal, it would somehow benefit the candidate Donald Trump.


The motive is being laid out with overwhelming evidence that Donald Trump knew that his presidential campaign would be over if McDougal or Daniels told their stories, so he conspired with AMI to bury their stories. The crimes came in when Trump covered up the hush money payments to Daniels with false documents, labeling them payments for legal fees to Michael Cohen.

Trump’s defense so far hasn’t been able to puncture the credibility of the evidence and the testimony.

The interpretation of this case may have been wrong. The case may not end up being about Michael Cohen, but a whole cast of people who can back each other up about the testimony and crimes committed by the ex-president.

Trump may really be F-ed, as allies suggested in 2016.

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