Home Technology Tesla Cybertruck update brings new Off-Road and CyberTent modes

Tesla Cybertruck update brings new Off-Road and CyberTent modes

Tesla Cybertruck update brings new Off-Road and CyberTent modes


The Tesla Cybertruck is finally getting an off-road mode via an over-the-air software update, allowing early owners of the monstrous electric truck to finally get granular 4×4-style features that were promised from the start.

The news comes via a post by Tesla’s Cybertruck account on X, which shared an image of the Off-Road Mode screen with different settings, options for locking differentials, the ability to turn off rear steering, and more. Off-Road Mode has two main settings: Overland Mode for consistent handling and better traction on rock, gravel, snow, and sand, plus a Baja Mode that improves balance and “handles more freely.”

Wes Morrill, whose X profile lists them as the lead Cybertruck engineer, also posted some more details about the update. Morrill notes the app allows for a quick look at the vitals of the car, on-board camera feeds you can swipe through, as well as one-touch controls for the off-road features.

Cybertruck owners can even get quick access to Wade Mode that raises the truck to handle deep water situations — which is not covered under warranty despite CEO Elon Musk’s saying for years that the Model S and the Cybertruck can act like a boat for short periods.

Tesla has also launched CyberTent mode, which levels the truck on horizon, runs the AC, keeps the tonneau cover open, and keeps the outlets powered. The feature is designed to work in conjunction with Tesla’s ugly but functional Basecamp tent add-on. Tesla was selling the $3,000 kit to Cybertruck owners for more than a month — before the software to fully utilize it was available.


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