Home Political Gov. Josh Shapiro Busts A Myth About Trump And Biden In Pennsylvania

Gov. Josh Shapiro Busts A Myth About Trump And Biden In Pennsylvania

Gov. Josh Shapiro Busts A Myth About Trump And Biden In Pennsylvania


Gov. Josh Shapiro (D-PA) reviewed the numbers and showed that Donald Trump has a steep hill to climb to win Pennsylvania.

Shapiro said on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper:

Importantly, I think it’s also something notable that last night in Pennsylvania, when the votes were tallying, we’re still telling a few here and there. But just looking at the broader numbers, about 100 and 60,000 registered Republicans went to the polls and voted for Nikki Haley. About 100,000 to 120,000 voted for someone other than Joe Biden on the Democratic side, as you were alluding to before. That’s a delta of about 40,00-45,000 votes to the negative for Donald Trump.

Just put that in some perspective in 2016 in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump only won the commonwealth by 44,000 votes. He’s got a lot of work to do to win over voters, particularly in suburban communities outside Harrisburg and Erie, Pittsburgh, and, of course, Philadelphia. People who are incredibly angry that he ripped away their fundamental freedoms and he’s taking credit for this overturned Roe v.Wade. That’s going to continue to be an issue that he’s not making any inroads on. So I think each candidate has some work to do. The hill is quite steeper for Donald Trump to climb.


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As I wrote in our newsletter, The Daily, Pennsylvania looks ready to reject Donald Trump. The state’s primary results exposed the massive problems that Trump has as a candidate. Republican enthusiasm for a third Trump run is lower than his previous two campaigns. Haley drew a substantial number of Republican votes across the state, and Trump is overly dependent on rural counties in Pennsylvania with declining populations for his vote share.

Whatever problems Biden might have in Pennsylvania, they aren’t on the same scale as Trump’s issues. As Gov. Shapiro put it, Trump has a much larger hill to climb to win Pennsylvania than Biden.

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