Home Technology Google’s Pixel Watch 2 is matching its lowest price with $50 off

Google’s Pixel Watch 2 is matching its lowest price with $50 off

Google’s Pixel Watch 2 is matching its lowest price with $50 off


Google I/O is right around the corner, and if history repeats itself, the company will likely use its annual keynote to announce new software features across all of its various platforms, including Android, Chrome, and Search. Google also sometimes brings a surprise device announcement to the party, but we wouldn’t bet on a new flagship smartwatch considering the Google Pixel Watch 2 was only released in October. If you’re a Pixel fan looking to upgrade, the flagship Wear OS smartwatch is matching the lowest price we’ve seen with Amazon, Best Buy, and Google taking it down to $299.99 ($50 off).

The Pixel Watch 2 is our favorite smartwatch for Fitbit fans, easily taking the crown from its predecessor by adding even more Fitbit-powered health features and Google apps. You’ll get automatic workout tracking, Google apps like Calendar and Gmail, and access to thousands of apps with Wear OS support available at Google Play. With luck, we’ll hear about new Wear OS developments and features at the aforementioned developers conference, even though the newest version is still making its way to supported devices nearly a year after it was announced. (All the more reason to go for a Pixel device if fast updates are important to you.)

It’s also just a great smartwatch overall, mostly thanks to better battery life that can last all day and that charges up to 50 percent capacity in about 30 minutes. What’s also great is that you don’t need to own a Google Pixel phone to get the most from the smartwatch. Unlike Samsung’s watches, which require a Samsung phone to use the best features, most Pixel Watch 2 features are available to all Android users. That’s why the Wear OS 4 wearable is also our top Android smartwatch for non-Samsung users.


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